In fact, we are all Tony Romo


When Dak Prescott pulled the cowboy back from the edge of the ball twice in the last two minutes, reversing the victory over Pittsburgh Steelers, two days after winning eight straight races in the season, Romo released a five-minute, 59-second speech. He wrote himself, and never released to the team before anyone seen. In order to play for him for 14 years, he said he was willing to do Dak’s bench, giving him the most solid support, because Dak proved that he was a well-deserved cowboy starting quarterback.

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And that day, Romo still firmly said that he wanted to return to the highest level of competition, because he is still eager to once again feel the kind of joy brought about by competition and victory. And when he talked about these, or could not stand the choking.

From that day on, I never doubted Romo’s desire to return to the game until yesterday he accepted the CBS contract and officially announced his retirement.


2006 in Seattle, the League of foreign cards, the game left the last 1 minute 19 seconds, the cowboy 20 to 21 behind the sea eagle 1 point, cowboy special team array in the 2-yard line, they just penalty into the 21-yard free kick Will be overtake score, the ball is the team’s quarterback Tony Romo. Later the story, almost everyone knows, Romo did not pick up the ball out of the ball, then he tried to punch the ball to complete touchdowns, but eventually captured in front of the end area.

This time to help the ball failed, not only directly end the cowboy’s playoff tour, more like a nightmare generally accompanied his entire career.

This error for everyone to forget, when the game remaining 2 minutes and 59 seconds, is the Romo from the side of the 28 yards to the other side of the 2-yard line, and no one remembers that day, Under the 189 yards and 1 touchdowns, and no one remembered that it was Romo as the first season for the cowboy starting quarterback.


2003 NFL draft, no one attention to a seemingly nothing special from the Eastern Illinois University white quarterback, he and his school team and there is no sense of existence, so this is called Tony Romo young people Logically become a rookie. Sean Payton, who was then a quarterback coach at Cowboys, saw his fellow alumni, and Romo signed the Cowboys. And Payton in 2006 to saints coaching with three rounds of picks to buy Romo was Jerry Jones refused, this is the words.

Romo was the third quarterback in 2003, Quincy Carter in 2004 because of violation of the doping regulations, Romo was exempted from being cut, to stay in the team, this year he began to play as a ball player. On October 15, 2006, he finished as a quarterback debut, followed by Bill Parcells as the starting quarterback.

2006 Thanksgiving Day, Romo’s fourth game, opponents are Tampa Bay pirates, this almost no one knows the rookie in this national live to produce a 29 pass 22, 306 yards 5 touchdowns, passing Score 148.9 transcripts, fame. When he played only 11 times to be selected Pro Bowl, and he is already Troy Aikman after the Cowboys played the 11th quarterback.

But in 2006, people still just remember that tackle the mistakes.


In retrospect Romo’s career, in addition to the tackle mistakes, people will mention his 6 playoff play only two games of embarrassing record, people will remember him because of stealing in 2006 and lost to Peyton Manning’s Mustang , And even some people will remember him in 2007 to face Bill’s national live sent an embarrassing 5 steals the performance.

Speaking of Romo, people will subconsciously say that he is not an elite quarterback, he can not lead to win, he soft.

But in 2013 against the wild horse that game Romo came 504 yards play almost the best performance, in 2007 that field 5 steals competition, Romo led his unit in the fourth quarter reversed 11 points behind the victory, in 2014 he was the first 14 points after the case of the final 2 minutes and 32 seconds in the final reversal for the first time to win the playoffs.

In the second week of 2011, in the afternoon of San Francisco, Romo in the case of two rib fractures and lung perforation, truce throughout the third quarter in order to allow painkillers to work, then he returned in the fourth quarter, led to smooth 10 points difference, and in overtime to complete a 77 yards long pass, to help the team free kick reversal of 49 people.

Unconsciously, 10 years so passed, Romo has been standing in the United States team that line after the offensive line, he surpassed Roger Staubach and 12 years here Troy Aikman, became the team history pass code number, passing Number of passes, pass score record holder. And from his debut in 2006 to 13 years, seven years, his fourth quarterback score over the league owner.

And this time, people forget, the original, he was a rookie ah.


In fact, not everyone is poorly recorded, but people will choose to remember those who are more willing to believe that things only. Comments and ridicule is always easy, and Romo’s whole career has never been out of this comment and ridicule, even when he retired this day, Stephen A. Smith still said, Romo even retired to engage in such a big move is really It is unhappy.

No matter how soft Romo’s pass, how easy it is to avoid the footsteps of the sack, and no matter how high he is, how big is the big picture, he has never gotten any real recognition, because people will say You’re not an elite quarterback.

In 2015, Romo was injured in the second week, and then the fifth week of the team lost to the Patriots after the end of the game, the plaster of Romo went to the center of the venue, and Tom Brady clap, Romo said to Brady, See you in February The That season, only 4 wins of the cowboy is certainly not possible in February with Brady meet, but say this sentence Romo must be more than anyone else desire that stage of it.

From the beginning of the 2010 season, Romo has been confrontation with the injury, fell back and then fell until the last two years, exhausted him, not only ended his NFL player career, but also the end of a lot of people know the mind is still slim but still remnants Looking forward, they look forward to Romo can lead the Cowboys back to the stage of the Super Bowl, tear off all the labels on his body, and finally against the time, retired when they also put on a “elite quarterback” hat, As he chose one of the best teams from the rookie team.


As you know, this kind of counterattack will not happen, Romo is also likely to be able to wear that yellow suit, but then how, in fact, life is like this, many of us may have done Tom Brady’s dream, but Tom Brady has only one, and we’d better be just Tony Romo.

Born trivial, there is no natural concern, no extraordinary talent, no heavenly resources, not everyone’s approval, often also misunderstood paste the label, which is probably the vast majority of people’s daily. What we can do is to stick to ourselves, work hard, rely on that little luck, wait for a chance to seize the opportunity to get a little bit of success, better than every year of their own.

Romo’s career is not perfect, but there is nothing, because with regret is the normal life.

Romo has done the best he can do, he never stopped working hard, even if his career was more ill, but still lucky enough when he was retired when I believed people gave him the “best team history One of the “evaluation is from the heart, that top” elite quarterback “hat wearing, I am afraid not so important.

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Each of the people from the weight of the withdrawal, there will be a sincere relief, 14 years later, I think, now wear CBS suit Romo laugh is also relieved, because the new life has begun.

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