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49ers are very surprised by the unemployment of Capernec

Colin – Capernec’s life has fallen to a low, he can not return to the San Francisco 49ers team, and the lack of quarterback team have found the players they need, Capernec is no one in the situation, And for the status of Capernec, and finally the San Francisco 49ers related to the expression of the regret for Capernec. Carpenter’s former teammate, 49ers of the main run back to Carnecie unemployed very shocked.

“I am very surprised, now or no team willing to sign him.I saw a lot more than Picanic quarterback have found a job, but these are just my personal opinion, I am not a general manager, I also Not the head coach, so this is nothing to do with me. “Carlos – Hyde expressed his views.

49ers announced their offseason project, which is the first time since 2010, without Colin – Capernac to participate in the situation. Capernec’s contract expires in March and is currently an unlimited free agent. 49ers have introduced a series of Brian – Hoyle and Matt – Barkley, the current 49ers-member quarterback lineup good, Capernec can not return to this team.

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