Oswil has the chance to start in Brown – Cheap Jerseys Wholesale

Maybe the quarterback Brock Osweiler has the opportunity to help Cleveland Brown go further.

Recent team manager Sashi Brown praised Oswilville at a press conference Wednesday, and told reporters that Oswil will have the opportunity to compete for the starting position of the team.

Von – Miller receives his lost 50th Super Bowl helmet

Some time ago FBI helped Tom Brady find the lost Super Bowl jersey. They recently sent the 50th Super Bowl helmet lost by Vann Miller, the Denver Broncos, to his own hands.

Last month the FBI tracked the theft of Brady’s two super jersey jersey and Miller helmet, the United States time on Wednesday Miller finally received his helmet, Miller interview said: “I thank the FBI and the Mexican authorities, together Help me find the helmet, I do not know how you did it, in such a world to find a helmet, but really surprised.

Ironically, until recently Miller had known that his 50th Super Bowl helmet was lost, and that game he got 2 times in the Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton, And won the MVP honor.

“I honestly did not even know that my helmet was lost because last year ‘s Super Bowl was crazy, but our investigation was the best, and they did it and tribute to them,” Miller said.

There was news that Brown would be out of Oswell because Oswil was just for the sake of the draft. So Oswil is still on the team list, but everything may change after the draft, maybe Oswil will have the chance to beat Cody – Kessler (Cody Kessler) to become the team starting.

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