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The Joey-Bossa offseason is effective

Joey Bosa has always had a good habit of preparing for work, and he even did the Wonderlic Test before the draft last year.

“I can not sound … or look so stupid.” Bossa said.

The lightning defender has set a close plan for his offseason, although he did not appear in the volunteer training last week, but in the end he came back and made the management relieved.

Jordi Nelson signed a $ 39 million contract

Gordon Nelson, who joins the Green Bay Packers, has signed a four-year $ 39 million contract with its home team, including a $ 11.5 million signing fee.

29-year-old Nelson has just spent his career in the most efficient 2013 season – 85 times the ball, 1314 yards to advance, 8 touchdowns, have set his previous record.

Nelson’s six-year career has worked for the Packers team, and he has won 4590 yards and 36 ball contacts.

He signed a contract with the Packers team in 2011 for a period of three years worth $ 12.6 million.

Genius near the front Kyle – Rudolph and the Vikings renewed for five years

Following the Adrian – Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings renewed with the team’s key players again. According to Fox Sports (FOX) reported that the team has with the genius end close Kyle – Rudolph (Kyle Rudolph) reached a renewal agreement, the two sides will sign a five-year $ 36.5 million worth of new contracts.

After the renewal, Rudolph’s annual salary will reach $ 7.3 million, of which 19.4 million US dollars of the security contract is to show the team to his great confidence. For the renewal, the 24-year-old talented player is very excited, “I am very pleased to be able to complete the contract with the team, very pleased to continue to serve the Vikings .I love Minnesota everything, the most important thing is that Know that my team will get better. ”

Kyle Rudolph graduated from the Notre Dame University, where he was selected by the Vikings in the final round at the 2011 NBA Draft. 2012 season, Rudolph 53 times the success of the ball, to promote 493 yards for the team to get 9 touchdowns. Because of the excellent performance of the season, he was selected in the second grade when the season’s professional bowl. 2013 season, Rudolph suffered from left leg injury, only played half a season, he still sent 30 times to catch the ball successfully 313 yards and sent three touchdowns of excellent data. Today, Rudolph’s injury has been fully restored, his performance in the fourth season worth looking forward to.

“I talked with everyone for the past few months,” Bossa said of his plan, “It’s not a secret.”

Bossa told all the instructors early, and he would work with other coaches to train in other places. Bossa last year and the coach with the training, excellent performance on the track for all to see, despite the absence of the first four games or made 10.5 sack, and ultimately won the honor of the annual defense rookie.

Taking into account his contribution, lightning should not be too much trouble for him.

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