Exposure to the Packers was close to the draft day off the bench quarterback Hendry

During the draft this year, a total of 38 transactions occurred, involving a total of 126 picks, of which there are two transactions involving players.

But almost there will be a third deal involving players. According to ESPN reports, Green Bay Packers in the draft the next day close to the deal to send off the bench quarterback Brett – Hendry (Brett Hundley).

Now it seems that the trade union will continue to retain Hendry for a year, but they may trade him in 2018 when Hendry entered the contract year. They think they can get higher than the fifth round picks return. In 2015 the Packers picked Hendry in the fifth round.

Once at the University of California, Los Angeles, the first three years of Hendry was the first packaging work for the starting quarterback Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) to carry out the training. He passed in two seasons 10 times, only 2 times successful, made 17 yards 1 pass was steals. His preseason in 2015 was the league’s highest quarterback, but he had only seven passes in the 2016 preseason. The data can not convince the other teams willing to pay a higher than the fifth round of the draft to trade him.

However, the team often in the quarterback position into a desperate situation. The Cincinnati Tigers have recently made a reason for at least the first-round draft pick for AJ McCarron, the replacement quarterback in his fifth round. They did not finish the deal as a packer.

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